6. Amulets and Piety


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Unformatted text preview: menemope: “For man is clay and straw, God is his builder; he pulls down, he builds in a moment. He makes a thousand insignificant as he wishes, he makes a thousand people overseers when he is in his moment of power. Happy is he who reaches the West [i.e., the grave] being safe in the hand of god.” The Elements of the Prayers •  The following themes are encountered in the prayers, hymns, and vo've offerings: •  1. The introductory words of praise and appeal to the deity onen include a descrip'on of the deity who is said to be “one who hears pe''ons,” “who comes at the voice of the poor in need,” “who comes at the voice of him who calls to him.” •  2. In the descrip'on of the transgressor, the writer claims to be a “silent one,” that is, a devout person; a poor, humble person. By way of apology, the claim is made to be ignorant and senseless, to be one who does not know good from evil. •  3. The writer confesses to having commifed an act of transgression, to having done wh...
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