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6. Amulets and Piety

Bookofthedeadspell160 iamtheamuletoffeldspar

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Unformatted text preview: lture bone, to be at a man's neck when he descends to the necropolis. A protec'on in the form of the Ba of Shu. It means: the power of a man over the winds of the sky, to become an effec've magician and the king of all the winds of the sky. He cannot die again, his enemies cannot take possession of him, not can any charm on earth hold him back in all eternity.« Book of the Dead Spell 160: »I am the amulet of feldspar which the hand of Thoth himself carries.« Importance of materials and colours – either religious significance of minerals and colours, or analogy of pronounced sound (red colour; e.g., fayence tjehen sounded like tjehen "to afack", etc.) "drinking" of spells and magical books! Efficacy vs. failure ? Magic as a technical, impersonal way to secure protec'on vs. Personal afachment to a deity Piety or Personal Piety a personal, individual expression of faith in and devo'on to a deity, as opposed to ins'tu'onalized religious prac'ce (tradi'onally the...
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