6. Amulets and Piety

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Unformatted text preview: ; makes it almost impossible to decide what precise significance a par'cular amulet possessed. Scarabs W. M. F. Petrie: Amulets, London 1914, Reprint 1972 and similarly C. Andrews: Amulets of Ancient Egypt, London 1994 dis'nguished these types of amulets: •  homopoeic (similars) •  dyna'c (powers) •  ktema'c (property) •  phylac'c (protec'on) •  theophoric (gods) Bes In Papyrus Bri'sh Museum 10059 an ibis figurine is placed on the wound of a sick person – the magical power of Thoth is applied to the wound. In Papyrus Leiden I 348, 6, 4‐8,7, a pain'ng of the sun god Re is executed on the bandage of a pa'ent: »Spell to be pronounced on a figure of Re, painted with blood of the Abdju fish on a bandage of royal linen which is put to the head of the pa'ent. This is a defence against enemies.« Wearing a lion amulet iden'fies the deceased with the god Shu (Coffin Texts Spell 83) who according to spell 75 is magically even more powerful than Heka: •  »Spell to be recited over the forepart of a lion, to be made of carnelian or vu...
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