8. Foreign Gods

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Unformatted text preview: ect of sexuality (cf. Hathor – goddess of maternal love!) Worshipped at Memphis, probably even as a wife of Ptah and Min Triads with Min (god of ferFlity) and Reshef Epithets „Lady of Heaven, Mistress of all the gods“ Popular goddess in Ramesside Thebes: voFve stelae from Deir el‐Medina "Hybrid" goddes with EgypFan and LevanFne features Frontal and naked depicFon excepFonal for Egypt – cf. later Horus on the Crocodiles Earlier Egyptological prudery – does not appear in a royal or elite context – confined to people of the lower middle class – Qudshu’s probable funcFons – to ensure ferFlity and reproducFon – not paralleled by any of the exisFng goddesses (Hathor and Isis in parFcular represent caring, but not sexual love) – points to a gap in the tradiFonal system of belief that could be filled by a foreign goddess, remodelled according to EgypFan requirements Cuboid statue with dedicaFon to numerous LevanFne...
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