8. Foreign Gods


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Unformatted text preview: his daughters is called Bint‐Anat "Daughter of Anat" Hauron, „the one from/like the Underworld“ – protector and helper against snakes and demons – On account of their similarly pronounced names, idenFfied with Horus and at Giza with the great Sphinx (= Harmakhis, Horus in the horizon) (sanctuary of Hauron by the Great Sphinx) Famous statuary of Ramesses II as a child under the protecFon of the falcon/Hauron. Ramesses II as a child and Hauron Qushu/Qadesh, "holyness" o.ä. Egyp3an development from LevanFne elements – naked goddess, displayed frontally, standing on a lion, with bunches of lilies and snakes in her hands. – Similar terracohas and gold/silver amulets from Syria/PalesFne but without a name (no goddess of this name in Syria‐PalesFne) – DepicFons of a naked goddess well‐known from the earlier period of Middle Bronze Age IIA at which Fme they were absent from Egypt – In the absence of inscripFonal idenFficaFon, they are commonly referred to as depicFons of the „Astarte type“. – The SemiFc name of the goddess, „holiness“ or „the holy one“ appears only in EgypFan sources as a divine name, could have been an epithet of the Near Eastern goddess of love and sexuality; in Akkadian and Hebrew the term is also used for a female temple officiant, maybe a cult prosFtute.. – In Middle Bronze Age IIB, during the EgypFan 13th dynasty and the Hyksos period, EgypFan traits show up in the iconography of this Syro‐ PalesFnian naked goddess, in parFcular the frontal face which is characterisFc for the EgypFan goddess Hathor – There are also the first ahestaFons of the arrangement of the goddess standing on a lion. In most cases she is framed by branches, and her pubic area is emphasized. – In the transiFon phase between the Middle and the Late Bronze Ages, plaques/tags of precious metal became popular. Frontal depicFon also ahested for EgypFan Hathor, Hathor whig Goddess of love and ferFlity – asp...
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