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Unformatted text preview: ce Paul and Carrie Chapman Catt? Which suffragist did more to win passage of the 19th amendment? ­Alice Paul used extreme measures, picketing the white house, gettingarrested etc ­Carrie Chapman Catt tried to reason with Wilson using less immeiate, violent tactics ­Without Paul, Catt might not have been able to reason with the president and pass the 19th amendment Key Terms: Alliance system­ where countries agree to fight with each other if the other country is in a war Archduke Franz Ferdinand­ future ruler of Austria­Hungary, assassination in summer 1914 by a Slavic nationalist group called the Black Hand (the Slavs wanted independence); assassination sparked the war George Creel­ Head of United States committee of Public Information (propaganda organization); Influenced US Public opinion regarding American participation in WW1 Neutrality­ America wanted to stay neutral as long as possible; convinced American people to stay that way too; Lusitania and Zimmerman telegram influenced this Propaganda­ Used to convince Americans to be neutral or to enlist; depicted germany as evil; campaign by committee of public information League of Nations­ Intergovernmental organization founded as a result of the Paris Peace conference; wanted by Wilson, part of Treaty of Versailles; Mission was to maintain world peace and prevent war through collective security and disarmament; disputes between countries were solved through negotiations “Clear and Present Danger”­ Ability of the government regulating speech against the Draft in WWI; In Schneck vs USA; Congress has ‘right to prevent them’ Allied Powers­ US, France, England, Russia, Italy Collective Security­ a system for international peace (used in League of Nations) 19th Amendment­ gave women the right to vote; 1920; culmination of many women's suffrage movements Henry Cabot Lodge­ supported the Treaty of Versailles and the League of Nations but not Article X (option 2); reservationalist; wanted congress to have control over declarations of war Russian Revolution­ forced Russia to have to pull out of the war, forces US into war; threatened Wilson’s view of a post­war world; made Wilson more open to war Zimmerman Telegram­secret telegram between Germany and Mexico which said “If war breaks out we will help you gain territory back from the US if you fight against them with us”; Intercepted by British; helped get US into war by making the American public more open to war William Jennings Bryan­ opposed going to war right after the Lusitania; Wanted to ban American travel on belligerent ships; resigned after Wilson’s reaction to the Lusitania Central Powers­ Austro­Hungary, Germany War of Attrition­ wanted to weaken the other army, used trench warfare and depleting other countries supplies; wearing the opponent down by constant attacks and heavy losses Article X (Ten)­ Wilson wanted this, specific part of Treaty of Versailles/League of Nations, US congress would loose some of their power/say, therefore controversial; *states countries would respect their borders created by Treaty of versailles; everyone thought US would be obligated to intervene overseas, therefore disaproved Robert Lansing ­ secretary of state after William Jennings Bryan; Supported Wilson’s stand on Lusitania reaction Great Migration ­ Movement of six million African Americans out of the southern united states to the Northeast, Midwest and west; they took advantage of a labor shortage in the north Keating­Owen Act ­ No child labor­ was proved unconstitutional by the supreme court(failed) Clemens P. Work ­ William Borah­ completely against the Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations and Article X (option 3); head of irreconcilables; wanted the USA to separate from Europe; Membership in collective security would risk soviernty Robert Praeger ­ German American man who was lynched as a result of the American people encouraged to hate Germans Unrestricted U­boat warfare­ The Germans were patrolling the oceans in u­boa...
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