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Unformatted text preview: ies like Nike markets to athletes around the globe competing in diferent sports. In order to develop a strong marketing plan to basketball shoe consumers Nike has to define the basketball shoe market. Their marketing plan for golfers is probably going to be diferent than their basketball shoe customers. The law dictionary defines market analysis as “a product identified as a market opportunity, market factors that may influence the demand have these types of forecasting techniques used as an application”u (Unknown. 2013). Opportunity analysis allows a company to determine prospects for a product in a possible market. Opportunity analysis is also be used to forecast the market conditions for introducing a new product. If an organization could determine the risk of launching a new product then they could make more accurate marketing decisions that could save money with a strong impact. If a film company could define the marketing factors that may influence the demand for their film then they could limit the waste of resources. Nadir Reference: Rick Suttle. (2013). De]ine Market Segmentation & Targeting. In Retrieved March 5, 2013, from]ine- market- segmentation- targeting- 3253.html. Unknown. (2013). What is MARKET OPPORTUNITY ANALYSIS?. In Retrieved March 5, 2013, from /market- opportunity- analysis/. 25 of 30 5/22/13 10:13 AM Collection (Post is Read) Thread: Post: Author: Segmentation & Opportunity Analysis RE: Segmentation & Opportunity Analysis Robin Chase Posted Date: Status: March 9, 2013 5:22 PM Published Angeleah Thank you for this information about Old Navy. I am a plus size customer who has often found that Old Navy clothes would be of interest - if they came in my size. Now I know that they do -- and how to find them. Dr. Chase (Post is Unread) Thread: Post: A...
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