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Segmenta4on demonstrates the subsets of the buyers

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Unformatted text preview: their golfers, and basketball teams. They are also divided into those buyers who wear their products for the comfort while working out, those who choose to wear the products 13 of 30 5/22/13 10:13 AM Collection for comfort on a daily basis, and those who wear it just for the name brand. Nike uses opportunity analysis in different ways such as on deciding whether to launch a new shoe design or to target a new market segment . Say they chose to appeal to tennis players, which I do believe they already have a current line targeted for tennis players, they determine the benefits of targe4ng tennis players and evaluate the return on this investment. Would it be worth for them to target this segment. They may also analysis the opportunity costs of choosing to target tennis over another sport. (Post is Unread) Thread: Post: Author: Segmentation & Opportunity Analysis RE: Segmentation & Opportunity Analysis Gorete Moutela Posted Date: Status: March 6, 2013 10:34 AM Published When crea4ng a product or service one of the major aspects to consider is the poten4al buyers. Segmenta4on demonstrates the subsets of the buyers within that par4cular market. Segments are usually broken up by geography, where in the world, psychographics, such as lifestyle, socio- cultural factors, such as class, and demography, such as age, sex (, 2013). For example let’s take into considera4on the Toyota vehicle. When crea4ng a new vehicle, they take segmenta4on into considera4on. How would the segmenta4on...
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