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Unformatted text preview: ed 5/22/13 10:13 AM Collection Author: Opportunity Analysis Cynthia Toppin Segmentation and the market opportunity is a market opportunity analysis and is an attempt to determine the size and sales potential of your organizations specific market segment(s). The market segments size is the number of potential customer in a specific market segment. Your market segment sales potential estimates the maximum amount of product units that could be sold in that specific market segment during a specified period. Market segments can be geographical location, have demographic characteristics, psychological characteristics, beneficial characteristics (what problem does the product/service solve) or the amount of product/service that is consumed. 1. First you must identify the market segment(s) of your organization and your key competitors within that market segment. a. Example: If your organization is Starbucks and the market segment you are analyzing is geographical you would identify the competition in that specific area. b. If you need to compare several market segments, i.e. geographic, demographic, benefit specific, etc. you will need to provide diferent information for each. Note: Creating a matrix is often very helpful a. Clear identification of the segment, b. Measurability of its effective size c. Its accessibility through promotional efforts d. Its appropriations to the polices and resources of the company. (Unknown, 2013) 3. Perform SWOT analysis to determine if any identified opportunity is consistent with your organizations core competencies. Unknown 2013 Market Segmentation Retrieved March 6, 2013 From /market-segmentation.html#ixzz2MoWvo1wo 2. Few Companies are big enough to supply the needs of an entire market; most must breakdown the total demand into segments and choose those that the company is best equipped to handle. Four basic factors that affect market are: (Post is Read) 3 of 3...
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