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Unformatted text preview: change when crea4ng a smaller two door car compared to a bigger four door car? A smaller two door car may appeal more to a younger adult with no family and is looking for more of a spor4er car than a mother who is more concerned about having a four door car, easier to get the kids in and out. When developing each vehicle there is research done two configure what percentage will appeal to those mothers, one segment, and what percentage would appeal to the younger adults, another segment. Now consider Toyota’s opportunity analysis. Opportunity analysis is based on assessing the poten4al of a change or an enhancement that will hopefully produce greater revenue (WiseGeek, 2013). Toyota used this strategy when developing the subset produc4on of LEXUS. LEXUS is seen as a higher end model and appeals to a different segment of the automobile market than the Toyota. LEXUS provides a more luxurious vehicle and appeals to a different socio- cultural than Toyota. The opportunity analysis helped determine if the revenue from LEXUS would benefit the company in producing the product, which proved to be, if it was a bad investment the car would have never been produced. When conduc4ng an opportunity analysis it is good to consider the benefits of implemen4ng the product or service, the affects and whether it will be worth making the change or enhancement. 14 of 30 5/22/13 10:13 AM Collection (2013). Segmenta4on. Retrieved March 5, 2013, from hYp:// store/lesson- segmenta4on.html Wi...
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