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Unformatted text preview: ution, or policy needs to be activated to preserve the current way of operating: it is built in. Structural racism identifies the ways in which that system is maintained, even as it is contested, protected, and contested again. 10. Logan, “Separate and Unequal.” 11. For a short summary of leading court decisions on desegregation between 1895 and 1995, see Applied Research Center, 46 Years after Brown v. Board of Ed: Still Separate, Still Unequal (Oakland, Calif.: Applied Research Center, 2000, research brief), 10–11. 12. Erica Frankenberg and Chungmei Lee, “Race in American Public Schools: Rapidly Resegregating School Districts” (Cambridge, Mass.: Civil Rights Project, Harvard University, August 2002), 5. 25 M ODERN RACISM IS EMBEDDED IN THE NORMAL ROUTINES OF OUR PRIVATE LIVES AND OUR PUBLIC INSTITUTIONS. RACIALIZED PUBLIC POLICIES AND INSTITUTIONAL PRACTICES he backdrop of white privilege, national values, and contemporary culture is the context within which our major institutions, or opportunity areas—such as health care, education, the labor market, the criminal justice system, or the media—operate today. While we expect t...
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