discrimination also comes in more passive forms

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Unformatted text preview: alized concepts. Yet there are myriad examples of how workers of color are excluded, exploited, and marginalized relative to white workers. Although illegal, active discrimination against workers of color still occurs. Social science studies and newspapers regularly report on experiments where similarly qualified applicants, or testers, of color and testers who are white apply for the same jobs with unequal results. (These experiments are also conducted in the rental, purchase, and mortgage markets and produce similar findings.) Discrimination also comes in more passive forms. Examples include: e Zip-code or name-based discrimination: Job seekers perceived to live in undesirable locations or perceived as people of color based on their names may be excluded from consideration for job opportunities by employers. E verything’s in a Name A recent study found that job applicants with the same qualifications who had common black names on their résumés were less likely to be called for an interview than applicants with common white names. Percentage receivin...
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