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12 t h e c o n t e x t the dominant consensus on race

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Unformatted text preview: Inequalities in Current Levels of Well-Being Capacity for Individual and Community Improvement Is Undermined ONGOING RACIAL INEQUALITIES Source: The Aspen Roundtable on Community Change. 12 T H E C O N T E X T: THE DOMINANT CONSENSUS ON RACE 13 B LACKS AND WHITES WHO EARN THE SAME SALARIES TODAY HAVE SIGNIFICANTLY DIFFERENT WEALTH LEVELS. WHITE PRIVILEGE: THE LEGACY AND ENDURING POWER OF OUR RACIAL HISTORY hite privilege refers to whites’ historical and contemporary advantage in all of the principal opportunity domains, including education, employment, housing, health care, political representation, media influence, and so on. Whites’ advantage in each one of those areas is significant, but the accumulated benefit across all domains adds up to a pattern that has concentrated and sustained racial differences in wealth, power, and other dimensions of well-being. W An example of the way in which historical privilege has a legacy that carries through to today can be found in comparing...
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