21 a rst step is for organizations in the eld to

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Unformatted text preview: el change needs to be accorded higher priority. e Community building approaches are built on principles of cooperative problem solving, collaboration, and common enterprise, whereas the structural framework raises issues that imply challenging power and privilege. e Many of the key leadership institutions in the social and economic development field (such as foundations, banks, corporations, research institutes) are themselves products of historically racialized inequities in this country, and their ability to take leadership on racial equity issues may not come naturally.21 A first step is for organizations in the field to ensure that they have their own house in order. It is important for organizations to model racial equity internally if they are to take responsibility for achieving such ends in the wider community. Resources exist to guide organizations aiming to improve their ability to address racial issues and offer strategies for leadership development, staff training, workforce diversification, developing knowledge about c...
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