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Unformatted text preview: l service, and other community-building organizations are strapped for resources and, as a result, can barely attain modest programmatic results in fairly narrowly defined arenas. Yet these thousands of organizations, staffed by millions of workers, is a potentially powerful network for achieving significant change. Viewed in this light, investment in their capacity is a critical step toward promoting true democracy, social justice, and racial equity. Racial equity goals also nudge all strands of the community-building field toward a paradigm that assumes that civic capacities deserve equal priority to functional ones. 23. Institute for Democratic Renewal and Project Change Anti-Racism Initiative, A Community Builder’s Tool Kit (Claremont, Calif.: Institute for Democratic Renewal, Claremont Graduate Center, n.d.). See also Hedy Nai-Lin Chang, Community Building and Diversity: Principles for Action (Oakland, Calif.: California Tomorrow, 1997). 24. Alice O’Connor, “Swimming against the Tide,” in Urban Problems and Community Development, ed. Ronald F. Ferguson and William T. Dickens (Washington, D.C.: Brookings Institute, 1999). 37 Broadly, this means accessing and participating in the policymaking and governance processes that allocate pu...
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