48 e model racial equity internally in our own

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Unformatted text preview: rward. It is both a powerful and promising intellectual tool and it provides valuable insights for individual, organizational, community, and collective action toward racial equity—which is supportive of broader community building and social justice goals. What can we do, as individuals or as organizational actors, to integrate a structural racism framework into our work and to promote racial equity? Change will come only with deliberate attention and effort. Because the issue is so broad, it is not possible for any individual or any single organization to possess all the capacities and resources needed to achieve racial equity, but here are some key actions that should guide us all: e First and foremost, take responsibility for racial equity. We all must educate ourselves about the ways in which structural racism plays out in our own personal and professional worlds. We must be willing to examine and challenge our own uncritical participation in the systems and processes that sustain structural racism. 48 e Model racial equity internally in our own organizations. Seek out resources to guide organizations aiming to improve their ability to address racial issues. (See, for example, Training for Racial Equity and Inclusion: A Guide to Selected Programs, by Ilana Shapiro, Washington, D.C.: The Aspen Institute, 2002.) e Focus on racially equitable outcomes produced at all stages of the work. Examin...
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