And many of those resources are correlated with race

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Unformatted text preview: group is just that: a star performer. While we should applaud the fact that a highly gifted person of any racial group should be allowed to succeed in this country, we need to pay attention to the averages. On average, a person with a resource-rich background has a greater likelihood of succeeding than one without. And many of those resources are correlated with race in this country. A structural racism lens does not call for the abolition of our national values. It calls instead for the rearticulation of those values in ways that recognize and take into account, rather than ignore, the historical experiences of all Americans on these shores. The tension here is that our core national values emphasize social, economic, and political philosophies that are centered on the individual, while the structural racism framework illuminates the ways unequal group outcomes are reproduced. 19 C O N T E M P O R A R Y C U LT U R E W hile national values help to organize broad views about what is fair, just, and equitable, Amer...
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