At the same time more of those within the community

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Unformatted text preview: blic resources. To do this, organizations and individuals first must identify their actual and potential civic engagement capacities: their abilities to gauge the impacts of new policies, to frame their concerns effectively and get their messages out, to get the attention of policymakers and powerbrokers, and to mobilize support among peers and across other levels. There already exist organizations engaged in efforts to document and address structural factors that contribute to racial inequities, and there is a need to raise up their work and push the boundaries of current agendas as far as possible given financial and human resources. At the same time, more of those within the community-change field could help lay the groundwork for the type of social change that is needed. Institutions with high national profiles and resources for research and analysis might, for example, be more effective at defining and promoting policy or regulatory alternatives to the status quo. Individuals or smaller organizations with fewer resources, on the other hand, might exercise responsibility by pressuring peers, and others within their reach who are powerful, to act responsibly. 3 . IDENTIFY KEY PUBLIC POLIC...
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