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Unformatted text preview: n Northern Ireland where virtually the entire population is white, Catholic or Protestant ethnicity is a highly significant marker. Race is the dominant marker in America. While many Americans can choose to embrace, disguise, ignore, or even transcend their ethnicity, racial labeling removes this option for many others. People of color are not able to opt out of the racial classification system because it is a deep-rooted, universal identifier sustained through institutional policies, values, and social stereotypes. 44 Are there times when the structural racism framework does not make sense? As a macro-level analysis, structural racism can’t possibly address all the complexities of the race system in America. When you look closely at racial categories and outcomes, many individual cases do not fit the general patterns of success and disadvantage. But this doesn’t mean that we should ignore the broad patterns. They account for the lives of millions of individuals and represent a fault l...
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