But what exactly does race consciousness mean and how

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Unformatted text preview: nd social justice fields, the structural racism framework specifically highlights the ways in which racialized institutional, political, and cultural forces can counteract or undermine efforts to improve distressed communities, reduce poverty, and promote equity. The implication for action is that social change leaders must adopt an explicitly raceconscious approach to their work: they must factor race into their analysis of the causes of the problems they are addressing, and they must factor race into their strategies to promote change and equity. But what exactly does race-consciousness mean, and how should practitioners working at the community level—as well as those who support and partner with them—actually begin to apply the insights that are revealed by looking through the structural racism lens? It is often hard to see how individual or organizational actors with limited reach and resources might make any significant difference. Structural racism can seem overwhelming and abstract, and racial equity, idealistic. Without question, these are formidable issues that will not be resolved overnight. Change will not come without deliberate attention and effort, however, and the work ahead can be thought of in four parts. 1 . RACIAL EQUITY MUST BE A CENTRAL GOAL OF THE WORK Racial equity c...
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