By contrast white youth were more likely to appear in

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Unformatted text preview: s. e Crime coverage: A black defendant is four times as likely to have a mug shot shown on local TV than a white defendant, twice as likely to be shown physically restrained, and twice as likely to have his/her name displayed on the screen.4 e Youth portrayals: Youth of color appear in crime news 52 percent of the time while white youth appear 35 percent of the time. By contrast, white youth were more likely to appear in health and education stories (13%) than youth of color (2%).5 Racial stereotyping is unhealthy for whites as well as blacks. Negative stereotyping of people of color can produce an unfounded sense of entitlement and superiority among whites, and an internalized sense of failure or hopelessness among people of color. Psychological studies of African American adolescents have demonstrated that consistent negative imaging contributes to negative self-acceptance and mental “Representations play a crucial role in health problems.6 defining and controlling the political and social power to which both individuals and groups have access....
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