Convergence around these ideas would suggest that the

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Unformatted text preview: ognition of the systemic sources of disadvantages and disparities among the populations that all are trying to reach; e identification of the multiple and interrelated levels—cultural, governmental, regional, local, institutional, individual, and so on—at which racist norms, assumptions, policies, and practices pertinent to people of color need to be tackled; e commitment among the field’s principal actors to work deliberately to dismantle or counter structures, policies, and practices that contribute to racial inequities; e forging alliances with other fields that are concerned about these issues, such as civil rights, social justice, environmentalism, and so on. Convergence around these ideas would suggest that the community-building field is committed as a whole to making our democracy work for all people, even as it pursues its traditional objectives. In concert with others in allied fields, the community-building field seems well positioned to harness an array of civic resources that could be used to influence policies in education, employment, criminal justice, health, the environment, and other public and private institutions that dir...
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