Demystifying the complex structures and arrangements

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Unformatted text preview: aking responsibility for racial equity is the willingness to acknowledge that the nation’s enduring racial disparity patterns are inconsistent with its ideals, and thus are unacceptable. It is also a willingness to challenge publicly and privately what may seem to be “normal” and “raceneutral” norms and values in our culture and political economy. Who gets to define what we mean by equal opportunity, meritocracy, and individualism, and who is responsible for how they play out in the real world? 26. Iris Young, “From Guilt to Solidarity: Sweatshops and Political Responsibility,” Dissent (spring 2003). 39 Understanding precisely where and how we fit into a structural racism system requires careful reflection. Demystifying the complex structures and arrangements that are a part of our lives by locating ourselves in them is a critical first step in assessing our capabilities. We might start out by asking ourselves simple questions that focus on different levels of intervention, such as the following: e In what ways do we—as individuals—accept the notion of the inherent “fairness...
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