Difcult though this may be to accept we are

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Unformatted text preview: ectly shape the life chances of poor people. 4 . COUNTER POPULAR ASSUMPTIONS THAT WORK TO REPRODUCE THE STATUS QUO While few Americans alive today openly sanction racism or consciously engage in practices that maintain structural racism, many benefit from its existence and help to maintain it as they follow society’s conventions and participate in its routines. In hundreds of ways—by acquiescing to negative cultural stereotypes, by moving to segregated suburbs, by taking advantage of exclusive job networks, by accepting regressive tax reforms, by neglecting to participate in democratic citizenship, and so on—Americans, in their everyday lives and roles, end up sustaining racial hierarchy. Difficult though this may be to accept, we are responsible in differing degrees for racial inequities simply because we generally participate uncritically in the systems and processes that sustain them. Note here that taking personal, organizational, and political responsibility for racial equity is not the same as acceptance of blame for racial disadvantage.26 Rather, t...
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