Do programmatic and funding priorities that focus

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Unformatted text preview: of the system,” that is, that American ideals of equal opportunity and meritocracy work in much the same way for everyone? What mechanisms work to encourage the notion that poor outcomes are the fault of unmotivated individuals, family break up, or the culture of poverty, without connecting that information to broader structural factors? Do we find ourselves making racial or cultural group generalizations, or allowing such generalizations to go unchallenged? e Where do we fit into, and help sustain, for instance, a media industry that continually underrepresents or produces negative images of Americans of color? e What role do social service, community development, or philanthropic organizations play in the maintenance of racial inequality? Do programmatic and funding priorities that focus only on remediating racial inequities distract us from the need to address the sources of such inequities? What role do we expect employment initiatives to play in a private sector that keeps African Americans and Latinos at the vulnerable end of the workforc...
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