Experimental studies of the effects of news stories

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Unformatted text preview: The deeply ideological nature of representations determines not only how outsiders think about a group but how group members, or insiders, think about themselves.” Moreover, the attitudes that manifest themselves at the individual level can also aggregate all the way up into a national consensus about race that, in turn, influences policies, practices, and representations. Experimental studies of the effects of news stories bell hooks, Black Looks: Race and Representation (Boston: South End on the public suggest that television Press, 1992). images have the potential to catalyze and reinforce opinions about public policies that contribute to racially disparate outcomes: “A mere five-second exposure to a mug shot of African American and Hispanic youth offenders [in a 15-minute newscast] raises levels of fear among viewers, increases support for ‘get tough’ crime policies, and promotes racial stereotyping.”7 4. Robert M. Entman and Andrew Rojecki, The Black Image in the White Mind...
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