For others especially those of visibly black african

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Unformatted text preview: e, structural racism affects everyone in our society. There is no doubt that the historical building blocks of the American race system were formed by relationships between whites and Native Americans and whites and African Americans, creating a spectrum of privilege with “whiteness” at the top and “blackness” or color at the bottom. This spectrum affects Latinos and Asians, and interacts with their own independent racial experiences and issues. America’s historical racial hierarchy defines Asians and Latinos as non-white, as people of color. But historically, the racial identities of many non-black ethnicities have been quite fluid. Most of those who are not “white” continually struggle to reduce their distance from that location of privilege through adaptation, emulation, and achievement. Historically, many “indeterminate” groups such as the Irish and the Italians have effectively closed that gap. For others, especially those of visibly black African descent, assimilation into whit...
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