It shows that the net job loss for black workers was

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Unformatted text preview: lly, there are seemingly race-neutral actions taken by employers that end up producing racially inequitable outcomes. Often, these are explained as “legitimate” industry procedures or norms that are hard to challenge because they are time honored. But the outcome data are revealing. The following example presents data from a sample of a large study done regarding racial disparities in corporate firing practices during the recession of the early 1990s; nearly five hundred firms were included in this study. It shows that the net job loss for black workers was disproportionately high compared to that for white workers. This case is instructive because the rationales for the job cuts—standard downsizing, last hired-first fired, subcontracting of noncore tasks, globalization—are commonly seen as race neutral, although their effects clearly are not. L abor Market Firing Patterns during the 1990s BLACK % OF WORKFORCE 17.89 15.85 11.17 8.95 7.90 COMPANY Coca Cola Sears American Cyanamid TRW BankAmerica BLACK % OF TOTAL DECLINE 42.06 54.32 25.19 13.88 28.11 Source: Rochelle Sharpe, “Losi...
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