Laissez faire racism involves persistent negative

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Unformatted text preview: from Jim Crow racism to laissez-faire racism. As part of this change, we witnessed the virtual disappearance of overt bigotry, of demands for strict segregation, of advocacy of governmentmandated discrimination, and of adherence to the belief that blacks are the categorical intellectual inferiors to whites. The decline in fullblown Jim Crow racism, however, has not resulted in its opposite, a thoroughly antiracist popular ideology based on an embracing and democratic vision of the common humanity, worth, dignity, and place in the polity for blacks alongside whites. Instead, the institutionalized racial inequalities created by the long era of slavery followed by Jim Crow racism are now popularly accepted and condoned under a modern free market or laissez-faire racist ideology. Laissez-faire racism involves persistent negative-stereotyping of African Americans, a tendency to blame blacks themselves for the black-white gap in socioeconomic standing, and resistance to meaningful political efforts to ameliorate U.S...
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