One scholar has described community based work as

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Unformatted text preview: laced on racial equity outcomes. 2. EMPHASIZE CAPACITY BUILDING AMONG CHANGE AGENTS The experience of the most recent generation of community-building efforts has demonstrated that community and other social change agents do not have the capacity to promote neighborhood change at a scale that promises to make a significant dent in socioeconomic or racial inequity. The structural analysis explains why this occurs by highlighting how historic and contemporary macro forces overwhelm local efforts, however meritorious they might be, that are designed to intervene at the individual, family, and community levels. One scholar has described community-based work as “swimming against the tide” of major systemic and institutional trends that undermine progress in distressed inner-city neighborhoods.24 One immediate strategy is to invest in building the capacity of local organizations to maximize their ability to produce whatever kinds of change that are within their reach and control. Currently, for the most part, local-level community development, socia...
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