Over our nations history many of the negative

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Unformatted text preview: icans rely on many other common sense cues as they make everyday judgments about other individuals and groups. These cues, which consist of bits of information about racial, ethnic, gender, immigrant, and other groups, accumulate and become stereotypes that are reinforced in multiple aspects of the mass culture. Over our nation’s history, many of the negative stereotypes associated with various demographic categories have become dominant and enduring. They now operate as the default cultural representations, or “frames,” that organize many of our ways of understanding and interpreting individual behavior and group tendencies. Moreover, whether or not they are accurate, these cultural representations have become integral parts of the societal crucible in which public policies and institutional practices are fashioned and refined. “The frames that we rely on are embedded deep in our psyche such that understandings are involuntary. Therefore, to interpret individual actions or images differently, or outside of dominant frames, requires significant w...
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