Race is historically and socially constructed created

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Unformatted text preview: wer and resources by one group over another. Race is historically and socially constructed, created (and recreated) by how people are perceived and treated in the normal actions of everyday life.” Over time, beliefs and practices about power and privilege were woven into national legal and political doctrine. While committing to principles of freedom, opportunity, and democracy, America found ways to justify slavery, for example, by defining Africans as nonhuman. This made it possible to deny Africans rights and freedoms granted to “all men” who were “created equal.” Only when white Southerners wanted to increase their political power in the legislature did they advocate to upgrade Africans’ legal status to three-fifths of a human being. Thus, from the earliest moments in our history, racial group identities granted access to resources and power to those who were “white” while excluding those who were “other” legally, politically, and socially. Expressions of racism have evolved markedly over the course of American history, from slavery through Jim Crow Mannin...
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