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Unformatted text preview: ogress and retrenchment, which highlight how gains on some issues can be undermined by forces operating in other spheres or by oppositional actors; e political, macroeconomic, regional, and other contextual factors that have enormous influences on outcomes for children, families, and communities. The promise of this framework lies in its understanding of the embeddedness of modern racism in the normal routines of our private and public lives. Racial hierarchy is interwoven with the laissez-faire processes and mechanisms of twenty-first century America’s commerce, politics, and popular culture. Virtually all Americans, in some way, accommodate to the realities of white privilege and operate within socioeconomic templates that guarantee its continuation. Regardless of whose ancestors bear principal liability for our inequitable social evolution to this point, we are now all so invested in the norms and procedures of the status quo that it will not change without the dedicated efforts of everyone—both its beneficiaries and victims. To community builders, already hard-pressed by many funding and operational challenges, this call to responsibility for racial equity should not be perc...
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