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S chool funding in selected school districts in the

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Unformatted text preview: ge, $902 fewer dollars to spend per student than school districts with the lowest minority enrollment. This adds up to a difference of $22,500 per class of twenty-five students. Looking closely at specific school districts reveals even greater inequities in investments. In the predominately white school district of Manhasset, just outside New York City, students receive twice as many resources as their predominately black and Latino counterparts in or close to New York City’s urban core. S chool Funding in Selected School Districts in the New York City Area SCHOOL DISTRICT WHITE STUDENTS Manhasset Jericho Great Neck Mt. Vernon Roosevelt New York City 80.0% 85.7% 77.6% 9.9% 0.3% 15.0% STUDENTS OF COLOR 20.0% 14.3% 22.4% 90.1% 99.7% 85.0% SPENDING PER PUPIL $20,981 $17,255 $18,627 $11,095 $10,320 $10,469 Source for spending data: New York State, Statistical Profiles of School Districts, June 2002. Source for racial demographic data: New York State, Statistical Profiles of School Districts, 1997. These expenditure data are relatively reliable i...
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