Some practices are by denition racialized such as

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Unformatted text preview: sidents. These inter-group tensions cannot be addressed effectively without considering them against the backdrop of America’s racial hierarchy. At the same time, a historical and institutional perspective can help local change agents keep their focus on the bigger systems and forces that subordinate everyone of color in distressed neighborhoods. How does structural racism differ from institutional racism? Institutional racism is one manifestation of structural racism. Institutional racism describes the biased racial outcomes associated with public policies and institutional practices, some of which may be intentional but some of which may appear to be race neutral. For instance, the fact that 46 percent of the prison population is black, while blacks represent only 13 percent of the overall population, suggests that the criminal justice system must have some institutional features that end up criminalizing black men more often. Some practices are, by definition, racialized, such as racial profiling. Others, 46 such as differential sentencing for possession of crack cocaine versus powder cocaine, may appear ra...
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