Specically the structural racism lens highlights t e

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Unformatted text preview: e? What role do we expect schools to play in a public education system that underinvests in our poorest children and our children of color? 40 H OW IS IT THAT IN OUR OPEN, PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY, RACIAL MINORITIES ARE STILL UNDERREPRESENTED IN POSITIONS OF POWER AND DECISION MAKING? CONCLUSION he structural racism framework offers community builders and social justice workers not only a powerful and promising intellectual tool, but valuable insights for individual, organizational, community, and collective action toward racial equity. The framework can be thought of as a lens that brings into focus new ways of analyzing the causes of the problems that community builders are addressing and new approaches to finding solutions to those problems. Specifically, the structural racism lens highlights: T e chronic racial disparities, not just race relations; e specific power arrangements that perpetuate chronic disparities, especially as they exist in public policies and institutional practices; e general cultural assumptions, values, ideologies, and stereotypes that allow disparities to go unchallenged; e the dynamics of pr...
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