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T since 1997 the roundtable has been focusing on how

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Unformatted text preview: T Since 1997, the Roundtable has been focusing on how the problems associated with race and racism in America affect initiatives aimed at poverty reduction in distressed urban neighborhoods. The Roundtable has explored how race shapes the social, political, economic, and cultural institutions of our society, and how those dynamics produce significant and ongoing racial disparities in the well-being of children, families, and communities. The work also has an applied dimension that describes how to incorporate racial equity into social and economic development work. The premise behind all of the Roundtable’s work on race is that adopting a more raceconscious approach to community building and social justice work will: e broaden our understanding of the causes of the problems of poverty, inequity, and community distress in America; e clarify our understanding of the forces that maintain the racial disparity status quo and constrain the potential success of strategies for change; e identify how and why an emphasis on racial equity might enhance the possibility of success of current and future social change efforts; e highlight new approaches to poverty reduction and social justice that could complement and reinforce existing activit...
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