The link between these features and educational

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Unformatted text preview: ildren at an early age when, in theory, environmental influences are less deterministic and thus children can achieve according to individual talents. However, examination of educational systems across the nation reveals that black and Latino students are more segregated now than two decades ago, that the schools they attend are comparatively underresourced, and that within the schools they are provided fewer academic opportunities and are treated more punitively than their white counterparts. The link between these features and educational outcomes is strong. National Education Dollars by District Minority Enrollment: 1996–2000 L owest Minority Enrollment Next-to-Lowest Minority Enrollment $6,349 Next-to-Highest Minority Enrollment $5,953 Highest Minority Enrollment $4,000 Note: Dollars are adjusted for student needs and regional cost differences. Districts are divided into quarters by enrollment. $6,684 Source: Education Trust. projects/edtrust/ FinancialInvestment.jsp $5,782 $5,000 $6,000 $7,000 STATE AND LOCAL EDUCATION TAX REVENUES PER STUDENT 27 Nationwide, the school districts with the highest minority enrollment have, on avera...
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