The signicance we attach to either race or ethnicity

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Unformatted text preview: e “color”—and especially the “blackness” of those of African origin—carries stigma. What about ethnicity? How does it relate to race? Ethnicity refers to social characteristics that groups of people may have in common— language, religion, regional background, culture, foods, etc. Ethnicity is revealed by the way one behaves, the traditions one follows, the language one speaks at home, and so on. Race, on the other hand, describes categories assigned to demographic groups based mostly on observable physical characteristics, like skin color, hair texture, and eye shape. Race and ethnicity can overlap or they can diverge. For example, people with dark skin and African features can be ethnically American, Caribbean, or African; or, individuals with Hispanic ethnicity may be of African, European, or indigenous American ancestry. The significance we attach to either race or ethnicity depends on social context. Either labeling system can be misused as a basis for social hierarchy and inequality. I...
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