The structural racism lens allows us to see that as a

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Unformatted text preview: presentations; e how racism is transmitted and either amplified or mitigated through public, private, and community institutions; e how individuals internalize and respond to racialized structures. The structural racism lens allows us to see that, as a society, we more or less take for granted a context of white leadership, dominance, and privilege. This dominant consensus on race is the frame that shapes our attitudes and judgments about social issues. It has come about as a result of the way that historically accumulated white privilege, national values, and contemporary culture have interacted so as to preserve the gaps between white Americans and Americans of color. We now turn to a discussion of each of these. STRUCTURAL RACISM PRODUCES RACIALIZED OUTCOMES T H E C O N T E X T: T H E D O M I N A N T C O N S E N S U S O N R A C E White Privilege National Values Contemporary Culture THE CURRENT MANIFESTATIONS: SOCIAL AND INSTITUTIONAL DYNAMICS Processes That Maintain Racial Hierarchies Racialized Public Policies and Institutional Practices THE OUTCOMES: RACIAL DISPARITIES Racial...
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