The structural racism perspective seems like a huge

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Unformatted text preview: omes does the structural racism framework aspire to? What is the vision of a racially equitable community? Undoubtedly, there is no single model of an equitable community that will satisfy everyone and a structural racism perspective conjures up a number of alternative futures 47 for social change—some more realistic than others. The desired outcome is racial equity: fair allocation of opportunity and resources, regardless of race and ethnicity, and no more than a fair share of society’s burdens. Put into practice, this would mean that all people, including people of color, have: e a genuine voice in setting the agenda for policy and in decision making; e real opportunity in the marketplaces of employment, housing, and education; e equal opportunity to build wealth and invest in the future; e no disproportionate concentration of involvement in the criminal justice system, poor health conditions, exposure to environmental hazards, victimization by predatory lenders, or other negative facto...
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