There is no biological or scientic basis behind the

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Unformatted text preview: and the disadvantages associated with color to endure and adapt over time. What is the structural racism framework trying to address? A structural racism lens or framework explains the big picture of racial disparity—the chronic gap between Americans of color and whites when it comes to jobs, housing, health, education, and other indicators of well-being. It examines how and why racial minorities experience the most severe and most intractable disadvantage in a nation where everyone is meant to have an equal opportunity to succeed. What is race and how do we understand it? Race is a social construct—it was invented and given meaning by humans. It is best understood in social and political terms: it is a yardstick for allocating power, and for distributing society’s material benefits and burdens. There is no biological or scientific basis behind the concept. America’s racial system favors its majority population’s European ancestry, culture, and physical features over those of people from other regional backgrounds. “Whiteness” is a highly valuable social resource that confers unearned privilege on its possessors, whil...
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