This means that racial equity should not be just one

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Unformatted text preview: an only be achieved if whites and Americans of color are equally likely to have positive or negative experiences in employment, education, homeownership, criminal justice, and all the other arenas that determine life outcomes in the United States. The structural racism analysis demonstrates that people of color are so disproportionately harmed by racialized public policies, institutional practices, and cultural representations that racial equity itself needs to be a priority objective for anyone committed to promoting social, economic, and political justice. This means that racial equity should not be just one of many elements of the analysis and one of many goals of the work but, rather, should be located at the core, forming part of the mission statement and programmatic goals of all who are active in the field. 35 It is counterintuitive to consider that individuals, organizations, and initiatives dedicated to improving outcomes for disadvantaged groups need to be encouraged to make racial equity an explicit part of their work. After all, their target populations are often people and communities of color. But analyses of the work of large segments of community building and allied...
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