This publication represents an effort to summarize

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Unformatted text preview: ies. This publication represents an effort to summarize and share the Roundtable’s perspective on racial equity with a broader audience. A UTHORS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This publication is the result of collective learning by staff of the Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community Change and advisors to the Project on Structural Racism and Community Revitalization. The authors are Keith Lawrence, Stacey Sutton, Anne Kubisch, Gretchen Susi, and Karen Fulbright-Anderson. But the messages have been developed with the invaluable input of Lisette Lopez, Manning Marable, Khatib Waheed, Andrea Anderson, and J. Phillip Thompson. The authors wish to thank them as well as the many members of the Roundtable and colleagues too numerous to mention for their feedback along the way as these concepts have been developed. The staff and cochairs of the Roundtable thank the Annie E. Casey Foundation for its financial and intellectual support of this work. We also thank the Mott Foundation, the Kellogg Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, which have also supported t...
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