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To order additional copies of structural racism and

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Unformatted text preview: ional copies of Structural Racism and Community Building can be obtained from: The Aspen Institute Fulfillment Office P.O. Box 222 109 Houghton Lab Lane Queenstown, Maryland 21658 Phone: 410-820-5338 Fax: 410-827-9174 E-mail: [email protected] Copyright © 2004 by The Aspen Institute The Aspen Institute One Dupont Circle Washington, D.C. 20036-1133 Published in the United States of America in 2004 by The Aspen Institute All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America ISBN # 0-89843-415-7 Pub. No.: 04/063 Suggested citation: Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community Change. 2004. “Structural Racism and Community Building.” Keith Lawrence, Stacey Sutton, Anne Kubisch, Gretchen Susi and Karen Fulbright-Anderson, authors. Washington, D.C.: The Aspen Institute. THE ASPEN INSTITUTE ROUNDTABLE ON COMMUNITY CHANGE S T R U C T U R A L R AC I S M A N D C O M M U N I T Y B U I L D I N G he Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community Change1 is a forum in which leaders working on some of the country’s most innovative and promising efforts to revitalize poor communities can meet, share lessons they are learning, and identify and seek solutions to common challenges....
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