What social outcomes does the structural racism

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Unformatted text preview: any Americans of color who are wealthy or highly positioned in business, government, media, and other sectors. The success stories of individuals of color seem to suggest that anyone, regardless of race, can rise above poverty and disadvantage once they are prepared to work hard and take responsibility for their own successes and failures. The structural racism lens helps us to see that individual responsibility alone is no substitute for the pathways of opportunity that only our political, economic, and educational systems can provide. It highlights how our nation’s core values—and the public policies and institutional practices that are built on them—perpetuate social stratifications and outcomes that all too often reflect racial group sorting, rather than individual merit and effort. The structural racism framework is not meant to excuse individual responsibility; it only identifies how much harder it is for people of color to profit in ways that most whites can take for granted. What social outc...
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