E because antipoverty work often focuses on

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Unformatted text preview: fields reveal underattention to racial factors.20 Moreover, the race-related issues that do surface tend to focus more on interpersonal dynamics, emphasizing strategies and actions that address diversity, proportionality, and cultural competence. The structural dimensions of racism are rarely addressed. Some of the hypotheses explaining the relative absence of focus on structural racism include: e Race and racism are uncomfortable topics to put on any agenda at any time, and the social welfare field, despite deep commitment to justice and equity, is no exception. e Because antipoverty work often focuses on individuals and communities of color, race is assumed to be well integrated into strategies and programs; this, in turn, works to relieve pressure to address race deliberately and explicitly. e Strategies and solutions in the social services, economic development, and community building fields tend to be oriented to enhancing individual, family, and community capacities to do better. A structural racism analysis suggests that these strategies are necessary but not sufficient, and that system-lev...
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