15 p a g e capitalism critique bdl capitalism bad

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Unformatted text preview: s weakest link and at the same time the world’s most pressing needs—by organizing a global resistance movement against the new naked imperialism. 13 | P a g e Capitalism Critique BDL Capitalism Bad Impact – Collapse Inevitable [___] [___] Prolonging the collapse of the system causes nuclear war, racism, extreme poverty, patriarchy, and environmental destruction that will end in our extinction. Charles Brown, Professor of Economics and Research Scientist at the University of Michigan, 2005 (May 13th, The capitalist class owns the factories, the banks, and transportation -the means of production and distribution. Workers sell their ability to work in order to acquire the necessities of life . Capitalists buy the workers' labor, but only pay them back a portion of the wealth they create. Because the capitalists own the means of production, they are able to keep the surplus wealth created by workers above and beyond the cost of paying worker's wages and other costs of production. This surplus is called "profit" and consists of unpaid labor that the capitalists appropriate and use to achieve ever-greater profits. These profits are turned into capital which capitalists use to further exploit the producers of all wealth-the working class. Capitalists are compelled by competition to seek to maximize profits. The capitalist class as a whole can do that only by extracting a greater surplus from the unpaid labor of workers by increasing exploitation. Under capitalism, economic development happens only if it is profitable to the individual capitalists, not for any social need or good. The profit drive is inherent in c apitalism, and underlies or exacerbates all major social ills of our times. W ith the rapid advance of technology and productivity, new forms of capitalist ownership have developed to maximize profit . The working people of our country confront serious, chronic problems because of capitalism. These chronic problems become part of the objective conditions that confront each new generation of working people. The threat of nuclear war, which can destroy all humanity, grows with the spread of nuclear weapons, space-based weaponry, and a military doctrine that justifies their use in preemptive wars and wars without end. Ever since the end of World War II, the U.S. has been constantly involved in aggressive military actions big and small. These wars have cost mill ions of lives and casualties, huge material losses, as well as trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars. Threats to the environment continue to spiral, threatening all life on our planet. Millions of workers are unemployed or insecure in their jobs, even during economic upswings and periods of "recovery" from recessions. Most workers experience long years of stagnant real wages, while health and education costs soar. Many workers are forced to work second and third jobs to make ends meet. Most workers now average four different occupations during their lifetime, being involuntarily moved from job to job and career to career. Often, retirement-age workers are forced to continue working just to provide health care for themselves. With capitalist globalizatio...
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