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Unformatted text preview: e seems to be no imaginable evil which some group is not willing to inflict on another for the sake of survival, no rights, liberties or dignities which it is not ready to suppress. It is easy, of course, to recognize the danger when survival is falsely and manipulatively invoked. Dictators never talk about their aggressions, but only about the need to defend the fatherland , to save it from destruction at the hands of its enemies. But my point goes deeper than that. It is directed even at legitimate concern for survival, when that concern is allowed to reach an intensity which would ignore, suppress or destroy other fundamental human rights and values. The potential tyranny of survival as a value is that it is capable, if not treated sanely, of wiping out all other values. Survival can become an obsession and a disease, provoking a destructive singlemindedness that will stop at nothing. We come here to the fundamental moral dilemma. If, both biologically and psychologically, the need for survival is basic to man, and if survival is the precondition for any and all human achievements , and if no other rights make much sense without the premise of a right to life - then how will it be possible to honor and act upon the need for survival without, in the process, destroying everything in human beings which makes them worthy of survival. To put it more strongly, if the price of survival is human degradation, then there is no moral reason why an effort should be make to ensure that survival. It would be the Pyrrhic victory to end all Pyrrhic victories . 17 | P a g e Federalism DA BDL Answers to: State Power Harms Minority Rights [___] [___] Federalism encourages political accountability, which protects minority rights Neil Siefel, Associate Professor of Law and Political Science at Duke University School of Law, 2008 (“INTERNATIONAL DELEGATIONS AND THE VALUES OF FEDERALISM”, Law and Contemporary Problems, W inter) Second, democratic self-government is supposed to be facilitated when there exists a robust space for participatory politics at levels closer to the people who are governed. 21 Federalism, observed Justice O’Connor for the Court in Gregory, “increases opportunity for citizen involvement in democratic processes.” 22 On this point, she referenced Alexis de Tocqueville, who “understood well that participation in local government is a cornerstone of American democracy.” 23 Third, political responsiveness and accountability are believed to be encouraged when states compete for mobile citizens who can vote with both their hands and their feet. 24 Justice O’Connor wrote for the Gregory Court that federalism “makes government more responsive by putting the States in competition for a mobile citizenry.” 25 Responsiveness and accountability are distinguishable but related. One way to ensure responsiveness is not through exit but through voice 26 —that is, voting politicians out of office or pressuring them. This is often what is meant by accountability. 18 | P a g e Federalism DA BDL Answers to: State Power Decreases Efficiency [___] [___] State power is crucial to effective policy solutions Joseph J. Foy, Ph.D. at the Uni...
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