25 p a g e inland waterways affirmative bdl states

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Unformatted text preview: g high-value merchandise to and from our trading partners abroad. The collaborative efforts of U.S. transportation industries, and the infrastructure upon which they operate, provide the lifelines of American economic prosperity. Viable transportation infrastructure is essential to our national security, providing power projection platforms access to sea and aerial ports of embarkation capable of rapidly moving American military forces, equip ment, and material anywhere in the world. Capable and reliable transportation infrastructure is a vital national interest of the United States. Domestic transportation infrastructure must be efficiently managed, adequately funded, and effectively integrated at the national level to serve as productive commercial conduits that support future economic growth. The United States has become one of the wealthiest nations n the world, in part, by leveraging its reliable and effective transportation infrastructure; only through further advancements in this imperative system will it maintain this status. 23 | P a g e Inland Waterways Affirmative BDL Solvency – Congestion [___] [___] This will support the transportation of goods in the United States Wired, 2010 (July 23, “DOT To Turn Underused Waterways Into Marine Highways,” Would such a system be possible in the United States? There may not be a choice. With roadways in major cities already crammed with freight traffic and the demand for freight ever increasing, putting freight on the water may be the most sensible solution for companies that need to move goods from here to there. Matsuda says a political climate that’s focused on creating jobs and helping the environment also will support the cause. “Where there are corridors, the federal government will help focus attention and investments to get those services up and running,” he said. “This is something that we think is going to go a long way.” 24 | P a g e Inland Waterways Affirmative BDL States Counterplan Answers [___] [___] The federal government must provide the necessary coordination and investment Colonel Donald E. Jackson, United States Army, 2007 (LEVERAGING THE STRATEGIC VALUE OF THE U.S. INLAND WATERWAY SYSTEM, In order to maintain our competitive edge, we must assure the strategic mobility of our economic and military elements of power. The inland waterway system can provide a key, strategic capability that enables the current and future economic prosperity and national security of the United States. The federal government, however, must efficiently manage, adequately fund, and effectively integrate inland waterways with other modes of transportation at the national level for this to achieve success. Promotion of the inland waterway system, using an interagency and intra-governmental approach, positions this capability to provide the additional capacity necessary to meet current and future freight transportation requirements. Leveraging the strategic value of inland waterways is integral to building an effective and reliable natio...
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